Our Vision

A financial ecosystem where businesses have easy access to working capital.

Our Mission

To bring a decentralised, democratised, and end-to-end solution revolutionizing the financial markets by connecting lenders and borrowers using blockchain.

Incorporated in May, 2020, Trustless Capital is poised to become a trusted platform for Finance, Blockchain and Marketplace.

Trustless Capital (TCAP) is incorporated as Trustless Private Limited in May 2020. Trustless Capital is recognized and certified by Government of India through Startup India initiative. Company is also certified and recognized by the Government of Odisha. Company has been incubated by PadUp Ventures through a program called APIARY, an initiative by Government of India entities (STPI & Ministry of Electronics and IT).

TCAP provides the open and end-to-end solution to enable real-world assets to gain access to financing. TCAP infrastructure will provide any business access to finance using TCAP One App which is powered by Lending & Borrowing Smart Contracts (Direct and Securitisation), TCAP Chain, and the P2P Decentralised Information Collaboration Management (DICM) protocol. The DICM protocol allows businesses to store and exchange business documents in a private, verifiable and secure way.

TCAP is building a blockchain as TCAP Chain using Substrate, as the next layer of the infrastructure, to hold the unalterable, single source of truth of these documents for all parties. Using TCAP Chain and applications built on top of it, businesses can tokenize documents to NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and use this as collateral to access financing. Lending & Borrowing Smart Contracts has also implemented a securitization protocol for these NFTs built on TCAP Chain to optimize risk allocation. This protocol has initially been deployed in Solana, a high-performance blockchain. It will connect the businesses and investors to the decentralized finance ecosystem and enables borrowing from many other DeFi protocols.